Wednesday’s Word–Manacle


Today’s word is – “manacle”

manacle [man·a·cle ] noun. Pronounced “man-uh-kul

a shackle, handcuff, or fetter, used to secure the hands of a prisoner, convict, etc


If a police officer has to manacle your hands behind your back, you’re in big trouble. That’s just a fancy way of saying that you’ve been handcuffed.

Origin – C14: via Old French from Latin manicula, diminutive of manus hand

Synonyms for manacle – chain, fetter, shackle, bracelet, bond

Antonyms for manacle – free, loose, loosen, release, set free, unbind, unfasten, untie

Example sentences from Collins Dictionary

Then he felt the lock give and he gave a shout of delight as the manacle came away from her wrist.

MacNeill, Alastair Code Breaker

Hope you had fun, see you next week with another word .

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