Grammar Demons, Take That (Part 5)


Another awesome infographic from to shed light on some common issues we have with those pesky apostrophes.

The apostrophe is one of the more reviled punctuations, gets a lot of flak and comes even has websites dedicated to bringing about its demise.


There is some evidence to support the doubters, like the existence of strong anti-apostrophe evangelists. The Kill the Apostrophe website maintains that the apostrophe “serves only to annoy those who know how it is supposed to be used and to confuse those who don’t.” George Bernard Shaw famously shunned those marks in his plays. And author James Harbeck penned a treatise just last week on why we would all be better off without the apostrophe, arguing that while they do give pedants a reason to gripe, they don’t add clarity, and most people improperly use them anyway.

Some companies, like British bookstore Waterstones, have dropped apostrophes from their brand names. Others, like Starbucks and Folgers, simply don’t use them. Teenagers, according to anecdotes at least, hardly view the apostrophe as an important part of their keyboard. And when social-media analytics site Brandwatch looked at the top five “grammatical errors” on Twitter earlier this year, it found that they’re all apostrophe-based slights to standard English: im, wont, cant, dont and id.

To me, they are less bothersome than, say, capitalization rules, but mistakes do happen.

As always, if you have a favorite inforgraphic or tips to share, please feel free to comment.

Source: Common Rules for Capital Letter Usage infographic from

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