Enjoyed It, I Have!

After what felt like an eternity spent waiting, I had my encounter with the newly awakened Force yesterday. Unlike a lot of other fans who have watched the movie back-to-back many times in a row since yesterday, I have only watched it once. Even the one time,  it was quite an experience.

There won’t be any major spoilers here, only a brief of how I felt about the movie. However, further down, I will have a link to a fun post I found elsewhere on the web, which contains a good chunk of spoilers. Be wary.

So … did I like it?

Wait, I’ve told you that already. To reiterate, I have most definitely enjoyed it.

Did I love it? Hmm … not sure. But, like I said, I enjoyed it.

Let’s get into the good things about Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

  1. No Jar Jar Binks: Thank heavens for that. Enough said.
  2. The new characters: Rey, Finn and Poe are awesome together. They reminded me of the great chemistry our original trio–Luke, Leia and Han–had on screen. The acting is great and the banter is lovely. This trio anchored the movie for me, and they are the best thing to happen to the awakened franchise.
  3. Rey: I have to mention this separately because Rey is kick ass. I was thrilled when they announced a female lead for the episodes and I’m blown away by the Daisy Ridley’s performance.
  4. Look and feel: The over-the-top CGI feel is thankfully gone. We are given an atmosphere that feels real and makes you want to care about it.
  5. Cute droids: Yup, the BB8 is a winner for sure.
  6. Han Solo (and Chewie) is back: Do I even need to say how fantastic it feels to see them on screen after all these years?

Now, for the not-so-good things:

  1. Feels oh-so-familiar: JJ has gone all the way to kindle fan emotions and kindle he does. Every other moment in the movie feels like a deja-vu. I won’t say too much, but this movie does not feel like a sequel, it feels like a remake with a twist (maybe quite a few twists). That doesn’t make it a bad movie, only a little too inspired by the originals.
  2. Plot holes: I didn’t really mind them because the movie was fun to watch. But, they left nagging questions. I hope the next episode (two whole years out, groan) will answer some of them.

Overall, I liked the movie enough to want the next episode to happen quicker. And I also liked it enough to plan a second viewing during the winter holidays. So, guess I liked it quite a lot, huh? Oh wait, I said that right in the beginning.

For the ones not afraid of spoilers, here’s a fun (but spoiler-ridden) 32 Questions from MTV News.

While my brain marinates in the story some more, tell me what you think of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Love it, hate it, somewhere-in-the-middle it?

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