A Canyon Under Antarctica’s Ice?

PC: Bruno Camargo via unsplash.com

PC: Bruno Camargo via unsplash.com

Have you heard about this? Under Antarctica’s ice sheet, there’s a massive canyon system hiding, according to satellite data analyzed by a team of British scientists. As per current estimates, the canyon is 621 miles in length and about 0.6 miles deep.

The canyon system is under several miles of ice in one of the last unexplored regions of the Earth’s land surface–Princess Elizabeth Land in East Antarctica.

It is comparable in depth to the Grand Canyon (277 miles long) but is many, many times longer. The previous record for the longest canyon, also discovered below the ice, but in Greenland, sounds puny now. That mega canyon, twice as long as the Grand Canyon, only stretches 460miles.

This system in the Antarctic, as per researchers, was either carved out by water and is very ancient from before the ice accumulated, or was created by the erosion of accumulated ice.

Isn’t it fascinating? Strange that we know more about Mars than we know about our own planet.

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