The Future Of Publishing


The future of publishing is in the hands of indie writers. – Venture Galleries

Leatherface, which became The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, was an indie film that kicked the door open for indep . . . . . .

This is happening. In the few years that I’ve been in the game, I see the game changing all around me.

Yet, I see writers-new and old-everywhere refusing to walk away from the treaded path. They close their eyes to the disruption, and keep wishing it would go away. I know it’s not easy to accept and embrace a disruption, that’s why disruptions aren’t for everyone. But some disruptions are not blink-and-it-has-passed, they’re here to stay. Indie publishing is one such thing.

Even with the increasing coverage of rights grabs, skewed contracts, little or no creative control over the presentation of your works, no marketing support and etc., new writers flock to the shepherds. That’s because going alone is hard. Learning one new skill is difficult enough, but learning ten different skills is close to impossible. Or so people think. Thus, shepherds are a comforting thought. The idea of having someone else leading the way and taking care of the uninitiated is reassuring.

If you have to, if your calling is not clear, choose. But carefully.

Before you choose, investigate.

Read information from both sides. Understand what’s good about the grass on this side and that. Then read some more.

You’ll see the writing on the wall.

S.G. Basu is an aspiring potentate of a galaxy or two. She plots and plans with wondrous machines, cybernetic robots, time travelers and telekinetic adventurers, some of whom escape into the pages of her books. Once upon a previous life on planet Earth, S.G. Basu trained to be an engineer, and her interest in science and her love of engineering shows up time and again in her books.

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