Chuckles for Game of Thrones Fans

Did you hear about Amazon France’s Game of Thrones spoiler this week? Well, they published a listing of  George R.R. Martin’s Winds of Winter, and claimed the long-awaited sixth installment in the A Song of Ice and Fire series would be released on March 9, 2017.

Since then, GRRM’s publishers have said things like “Once we have a publication date for The Winds of Winter, the world will know,” and “nothing has been finalized regarding the publication or the date,” etc. So, guessing we have to wait to find out.

Fans have been waiting for the sixth book for ages now (and there’ll still be one more to go after that before the series concludes). This season the HBO show has also moved ahead of the books and even confirmed the famous R+L=J theory before the books could. But GRRM has been taking his own sweet time. The author has famously said, “It’ll be done when it’s done.” Ah, well!

Anyhow, funny videos and memes have been making rounds among the fans, trying to alleviate their pain. I got the best one yet this morning–this funny video of angsty GoT fans asking GRRM to write like the wind. Take a look. It’s sure to lighten your day.

S.G. Basu is an aspiring potentate of a galaxy or two. She plots and plans with wondrous machines, cybernetic robots, time travelers and telekinetic adventurers, some of whom escape into the pages of her books. Once upon a previous life on planet Earth, S.G. Basu trained to be an engineer, and her interest in science and her love of engineering shows up time and again in her books.

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