Get Your Superhero Fix!

What’s not to love about a superhero, right? They can fly into the sky, walk through fire, turn invisible in the blink of an eye and the list goes on and on. In short they can do the coolest things, things I can only dream of doing.

Yeah, I dig them much. So anytime I come across an awesome book with people possessing awesome, cool powers, my grabby paws go itching. Just like they are right now.

What am I talking about? Okay, here goes!

Now’s your chance to get your hands on a bagful of superhero books for FREE. Click here –> Get me a superhero book <– and you’ll get to take your pick. Or better yet, have them all.

The Instafreebie giveaway is now on but it only lasts until Oct 31. Don’t miss this chance. Get your superhero fix now!

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Author of the Month at KPReading

Interviewing is always fun. Even more so when the interview is conducted by another author and the questions are super creative. What I really like about interviews? It’s the chance to dig deep and find answers to questions I didn’t even know I was looking for. As it was for this one on KPReading.

The interview was all about The Eternity Prophecy, my Kindle Scout winning novel. Here’s a snippet of the conversation (about engineers and their OCDs) I had with the fantastic Jasmine Silvera.

  • Jasmine: How does your professional life inspire the content or process of your writing?
  • [S.G.] Being an engineer for decades has shaped my thinking and personality to a large extent. I’m overly analytic, so the logical flows in my stories get the most attention. That is both a good thing and a bad thing. While there are few loose ends in my stories (other than those left in on purpose), I also obsess about missing any loose ends, which makes me a terrible self-editor. This was worse when I first started writing, but happily, things are getting better.

    Also, I enjoy going into technical details of scientific instruments and/or processes, sometimes more than is needed. But many readers have liked my focus on the technicalities, so I’m happy to give them what they want.

More at KPReading.

In case I haven’t shared already, KPReading is this awesome site by Kindle Press authors. We have giveaways and fun offers here, so do check it out when to enter into one of these contests.

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A Brand New Autumn-themed Anthology

Anthologies are fun, fun, fun to write. All they need is a short story, which doesn’t take up too much space on the regular schedule. And, shorts are a welcome change from my long series work. So, I try to sign up for at least a couple of anthologies each year.

This year, the anthologies were even more interesting. A bunch of Kindle Scout winning authors got together to create these awesome season-themed collections. Not just that, the stories are based on the characters/world of their Scout winning novels.

For me, that was extra thrilling because I got to use the opportunity to round off  the story of my Kindle Scout winner, The Eternity Prophecy. So, if you check out my short stories in the Summer Anthology and the one from Fall, you get to find out what happens after The Eternity Prophecy ends. How cool is that?

For you, even more awesome news is: these anthologies are FREE. Yes, you heard that right!


And, you get to sample the works of at least a dozen Kindle Press authors or various genres–from horror to romance and everything in between. You just might discover your new favorite author in there.

What are you waiting for? Check the books out on Amazon now!

Get Autumn Equinox for FREE


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Painting of the Voice

PC: Kris Atomic via

PC: Kris Atomic via

“Writing is the painting of the voice.”


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28 Boring Words and What to Use Instead

I’m a big, huge fan of infographics. There’s nothing better, in my opinion, than having information presented in graphical format. In today’s busy times, graphics–fast and to-the-point–deliver the message like nothing else. Besides, information presented graphically is also far more easier to retain than a paragraph of words.

But of course, an infographic has to be done right to be effective. Not many of them are good and even less are great, and I couldn’t make a good one myself if my life depended on it.

But look at this one below–bright and attractive with a catchy headline that addresses an issue that every writer faces, sometimes multiple times a day. 28 Boring Words and What to Use Instead is a fantastic infographic created by Jack Milgram and it’s been much help to me already. Let’s check it out now.


Didn’t you enjoy reading it? I sure did. Do also visit Jack’s blog Custom Writing Service Blog. It is full of helpful articles and writing advice that I spent my entire afternoon reading. I surely didn’t get any writing done, but hey, I learned a bunch of new things.

Thanks, Jack, for the infographic and the treasure trove of information on your blog.

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