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A Short Story For “The Holly Jolly Blog Hop”

It’s been so much fun participating in “The Holly Jolly Blog Hop” where writers across genres get together to share flash fiction with the prompt “the wrong gift.” In my case, the flash fiction turned into a short story. But

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Word Of The Week: Syzygy

This week’s word is “syzygy.” It’s kind of a show-off word, because other than in astronomical discussions and literary verses, no one would use this word. In fact, I came across this fun quote about it: “Syzygy, inexorable, pancreatic, phantasmagoria —

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Word Of The Week: Jackleg

This week’s word is “jackleg.” When I hear a brand new word, I try to guess its meaning. Sometimes, more often than I’d care to admit, the results are hilarious. The first thing that popped into my brain on hearing jackleg?

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Word Of The Week: Smellfungus

I had not heard this word until this week. It sort of demanded that I share. So, what is a smellfungus? Smellfungus (smel-FUNG-uhs): noun, A habitual faultfinder or complainer, an excessively faultfinding person. ORIGIN: After Smelfungus, a hypercritical character in

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A Word, A Place, And Something Else–Interstellar Fun

During the long weekend, the SGB household had a few visitors and together, we binge watched a lot of movies. One of which was the fairly recent, Christopher Nolan space epic Interstellar. Loved it, again. I know there are a

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