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The Beauty Of A Snowy Winter

This weekend, winter storm Jonas visited us. We collected 32 inches of snow and while the roads are looking clean (albeit with mountains of snow on all sides), our schools haven’t resumed yet. Which means, we are still on a

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Great Beginnings

Has everyone gotten used to 2016 yet? You know, as in not writing xx/xx/15 when you need to date something? I messed up two checks yesterday, so I know 2015 is still strong in me. Doesn’t help when you’re laid

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3D Book Covers–A Brief How To

This post could very well be called “Why I love indie publishing,” but I decided to name it otherwise because while WILIP (acronym for “why I . . .” to spare you the pain of reading the whole phrase each

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When The Rush Bogs You Down

This month has been just plain crazy. Along with breaks, vacations, camps, social and work-related commitments, there’s a cramped schedule on the writing side. I have gotten better over the last few years, handling authorpreneurial pressures quite efficiently. Was chugging

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5 Steps To Keep Writing In The Time Of Vacations

Aah, the joys of summer. Time at the pool, camps galore, and yup, the vacations. Whatever I might be in my professional life, I am a mom first and foremost. So, summer is a challenging time for me. Because on

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