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“Rogue One”

It’s here! The first teaser trailer, that is. Just to make sure you haven’t missed it, this fangirl had to share. Disney released a sumptuous teaser trailer for Rogue One, a spinoff of the Star Wars saga, on GMA. It looks dark,

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Cancri 55 e

From NASA’s APOD: Why might you want to visit super-earth Cancri 55 e? Its extremely hot climate would be a deterrent, and fresh lava flows might be common. Discovered in 2004, the planet Cancri 55 e has twice the diameter

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First Lines: Coins Thrown Into Sunlight

“The five small craft passed from shadow, emerging with the suddenness of coins thrown into sunlight.” First line from The Risen Empire  by Scott Westerfeld

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Jupiter Gets Whacked

By now, many might already know, a small space rock impacted Jupiter on March 17. Jupiter, with its immense girth, has been prone to impacts. In 1994, parts of Shoemaker-Levy 9 crashed into the gas giant and left large scars in the clouds. A similar scar

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First Lines: Lived Long Enough

“I lived long enough to see the cure for death; to see the rise of the Bitchun Society, to learn ten languages; to compose three symphonies; to realize my boyhood dream of taking up residence in Disney World; to see

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