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20 Scifi Classics – Saturday Morning Crossword #5

Today’s crossword is about science fiction classics. I had so much fun making this. Hope you have fun solving it also.

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Star Wars–Saturday Morning Crossword #2 (Belated)

So much for posting crosswords every Saturday. Delayed already at #2. Note to self–prepare crossword around mid-week. No matter how simple the topic sounds or is, it still takes as much time to post it as any other post on

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Science Fiction FTW–Saturday Morning Crossword #1

Over these holidays, I got into a nasty habit of doing crosswords. A visiting friend is to blame. She loves making up these puzzles online. Every evening we would decide on a topic and then the next morning, she would

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City Of The Future Sinks Into The Ocean

(Photo courtesy Shimizu Corp.) My family is full of engineers. I am one, the husband is another, my father is one as well. My cousins are engineers, my uncles are engineers, my husband’s cousins are engineers . . . you

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The Secrets Of Zagran is now LIVE!

Happy Day! Hard to believe it’s almost a year since my first book came out. Now it’s time to welcome the second, and continue with Maia’s adventure. Proudly presenting, “Maia and the Secrets of Zagran.” You can purchase the print

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