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What Are The Most Popular Title Trends In Your Genre?

From Bookbub: Brainstorming a title can be extremely challenging, especially when you know how much depends on it. When deciding on a title, determine what genre you’re marketing your book toward. Each genre has its own title conventions, and studying

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“Let’s talk about genre”: Neil Gaiman And Kazuo Ishiguro In Conversation

Came across this wonderful article on the New Statesman, about two authors I adore and on a topic that’s close to my heart: Neil Gaiman’s New York Times review of Kazuo Ishiguro’s latest novel began a debate about the borders between

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The Curse (?) Of Writing Cross-genre Fiction

Are there times when you’re drawn to projects that you know for sure will be difficult figuring out? Do you look forward to trying things that you love even if it means the road to your goals will likely be

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