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Aliens Will Look Like Humans

In his new book “The Runes of Evolution,” Professor Conway Morris makes the argument for human-like aliens. According to the professor, there is little chance that the aliens we find in the Earth-like planets astronomers are looking at will be

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Been addicted to vimeo lately. I like watching the short films, especially the staff picks. Quite often, I come across simple and profound films that keep me thinking for days. The award winning Globosome created by Sascha Geddert is one such

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Scientists Genetically Modify Human Embryos

Confirming rumors that had been spreading since last month, Chinese scientists have reported they have modified human embryos genetically. Obviously there are ethical implications of such endeavors and the debates have been raging since the rumors started. I’m setting those

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Ocean Life At The Brink Of Extinction

Ocean life on our planet fared much better than its land counterparts when it comes to human-caused extinctions, but we are close to causing unprecedented damage to the ocean ecosystems. A team of scientists, in a study published on Thursday

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