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Yet Another Indie Success Story

Success stories about indie authors always warms my heart, and I get this tug inside to share it. It’s not because I’m a fierce indie myself, or only because I need to show other newbie authors the writing on the wall,

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The Daily Routine Of An Independent Author

From Amazon KDP, a peek into indie authors’ daily routines. Interesting how authors weave their writing schedules around their daily life in pretty much the same way. My day is similar. Workday begins as soon as the kiddo leaves for school. 1000

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A Tale Of Two Computers – Part 2

Way back when I had written a post on my writing hardware, A Tale Of Two Computers-Part 1. While going through my blog posts and pages list today, I realized that I had not written the concluding post. When I

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The Importance Of A Good Team

It’s good to be back. The allergies are not gone yet and temperatures have dipped again, but the flowers are blooming all around and . . .  it’s all good. While I was away from here, I’ve been able to

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