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The King Of The Planets Has New Visitors

What a great month it has been for space exploration! Juno, NASA’s cartwheeling solar-powered spacecraft investigator, has been placed into orbit around Jupiter successfully. Along with NASA’s mission control, guess who else has been keeping constant watch over the plucky

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Earth Has A Tiny Asteroid Buddy

Have you heard about this fun new discovery? Earth has a small companion (smaller than the Statue of Liberty) that has been looping around our world while the duo makes their way around the sun. According to scientists, this dance routine has been

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Hubble Captures A Bubble

On Sunday, April 24, the Hubble Space Telescope will turn 26. No matter how old Hubble is, it continues to capture gorgeous images. The latest one released by the Hubble team, one to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the launch of

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Cancri 55 e

From NASA’s APOD: Why might you want to visit super-earth Cancri 55 e? Its extremely hot climate would be a deterrent, and fresh lava flows might be common. Discovered in 2004, the planet Cancri 55 e has twice the diameter

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Jupiter Gets Whacked

By now, many might already know, a small space rock impacted Jupiter on March 17. Jupiter, with its immense girth, has been prone to impacts. In 1994, parts of Shoemaker-Levy 9 crashed into the gas giant and left large scars in the clouds. A similar scar

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