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Go Set A Watchman – The First Chapter

The first chapter of Harper Lee’s new old novel is now available as a pre-read to the book’s publication on July 14. HERE’s the link to The Guardian’s gorgeous interactive page for the chapter. Reese Witherspoon’s lovely narration of the

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New Serial On The Way

Announcing a new serialized novel starting in July, Elementals. Here’s the blurb: The  GROUST  is  watching. Löthia is at peace–after a millennium of genetic tinkering there has been no anomalous incident in the last 300 years.  The Löthians’ power over the

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“Let’s talk about genre”: Neil Gaiman And Kazuo Ishiguro In Conversation

Came across this wonderful article on the New Statesman, about two authors I adore and on a topic that’s close to my heart: Neil Gaiman’s New York Times review of Kazuo Ishiguro’s latest novel began a debate about the borders between

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A Word, A Place, And Something Else-The Prologue

Being a logophile is not always a good thing. I should know. I’m one. People sometimes don’t like me because of that. I’m prone to using “difficult” words, I am often told. That I expect too much of my readers,

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Ocean Life At The Brink Of Extinction

Ocean life on our planet fared much better than its land counterparts when it comes to human-caused extinctions, but we are close to causing unprecedented damage to the ocean ecosystems. A team of scientists, in a study published on Thursday

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