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Someday, Mars Will Have A Ring

About 20 million years from now, Mars will lose its largest moon Phobos and gain a ring. That’s the conclusion of a UC Berkeley-led study published last week in Nature Geoscience. While our own moon is drifting away from us by

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Clarkson, Hammond, May Confirmed For New Show On Amazon Prime

WOW! Finally, it is Amazon. In case you wonder, this post has nothing to do with writing, but everything to do with my love of cars and Top Gear as well as my regard for Bezos’ business acumen. From Motor

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Black Hole Caught Burping

[On June 15, NASA’s Swift caught the onset of a rare X-ray outburst from a stellar-mass black hole in the binary system V404 Cygni. Astronomers around the world are watching the event. In this system, a stream of gas from

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We Might Indeed Be Very Special

Last week, I came across this fantastic article on BBC – How weird is our Solar System? It is a long and detailed article and it is a great read as well, so I think it’s best to link to

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Antarctica’s Sudden Ice Loss Affects Earth’s Gravity Field

It seems like bad news from the Antarctic never stops coming. The region has suffered a sudden massive increase in ice loss in a previously stable region, scientists have revealed. The ice loss, reported in the journal Science, is so

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