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My Newest Book “Elementals:FIRE” is Now LIVE!

On Friday I released my 11th book, the second season of Elementals. Elementals is a paranormal science fiction thriller and the second season, FIRE, is now available at all online retailers. If you like fast-paced adventure, thrilling paranormal powers, and

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Can You Help Me Score A Contract?

I’m so thoroughly, utterly delighted to share a new milestone with you today. My newest book, The Eternity Prophecy, is now on KindleScout–Amazon’s reader-powered publishing platform. I’ve been working at it for months, and it’s exciting to see The Eternity

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What Are You? A Plotter Or A Pantser?

If you’re not a writer, you’ve probably not heard these terms. Before I started entertaining thoughts of writing seriously, I hadn’t heard of them either. Truth be told, I hadn’t heard of them until I had written seriously for a

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Top 10 Tips To Write That Book

I’ve been an author for far less time than I’ve been an engineer. In that meager time though, I’ve been asked some pretty funny (NOT!) questions by people–friends, acquaintances, and strangers alike. One of the commonest has been, “You know, I’ve

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Drying Up

Never imagined dedication lines could bite me on the hind side. Among the many surprising things I’ve discovered since I started writing, here’s one more: those pesky one liners are tough to handle. Around eight years ago, when I started

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