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Happy Thanksgiving

To everyone celebrating Thanksgiving today, wish you a happy one. Like every other year before this, 2016 too has brought a mix of emotions. But today, I’m choosing to be grateful for those little things that created blissful forever memories

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“I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.” ~Henry David Thoreau

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Grammar Demons, Take That (Part 26)

With Thanksgiving coming up next week here in the US, thought it would be fun to share some Thanksgiving trivia. So, today from, instead of the usual wrangling with grammar, here’s Thanksgiving vocabulary. From What is Thanksgiving? This “day of

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As The Galaxies Merge

Writing is often a very humbling exercise. Not only when I discover and reacquaint myself with various facets of human nature, but also as a science fiction writer when I research various cosmic phenomenon. I find that realizing our place in the grand scheme of

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