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A Word, A Place, And Something Else–Interstellar Fun

During the long weekend, the SGB household had a few visitors and together, we binge watched a lot of movies. One of which was the fairly recent, Christopher Nolan space epic Interstellar. Loved it, again. I know there are a

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A Word, A Place, And Something Else–Finding Luke Skywalker’s Home

I have been sucked into Star Wars this week. It started with May 4th, when I started writing a post on the saga. And of course, the way it goes with something as awesome as Star Wars, is I get

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A Word, A Place, And Something Else–Out In The Sea

Another week, another research project. I have been into “seasteads” lately. It started while working on the final story of Population Morpheus, my upcoming book of shorts wherein I needed to look into structure built on high seas, housing solutions

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The Importance Of A Good Team

It’s good to be back. The allergies are not gone yet and temperatures have dipped again, but the flowers are blooming all around and . . .  it’s all good. While I was away from here, I’ve been able to

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From Now Until April 30

I have been meaning to commemorate 500+ followers on this blog. I know, peanuts when it comes to the big picture, but 50 to 550+ in four months demanded some sort of celebration. There’s joy to be found in the

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