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Here’s the list of winners of the 5 print copies of Maia and the Xifarian Conspiracy. Darrel O. from NE Ben from NJ Asha from NJ Melissa from AZ Camille from TX The books are on their way to the

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The Importance Of A Good Team

It’s good to be back. The allergies are not gone yet and temperatures have dipped again, but the flowers are blooming all around and . . .  it’s all good. While I was away from here, I’ve been able to

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From Now Until April 30

I have been meaning to commemorate 500+ followers on this blog. I know, peanuts when it comes to the big picture, but 50 to 550+ in four months demanded some sort of celebration. There’s joy to be found in the

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Now How About A Page 199 Test?

Here we go again. Today, I’m about to subject my beloved first-born book to yet another investigation. For those that might have missed it, here’s the older post on Page 99 test for MXC. You might be thinking that I’m

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A Word, A Place, And Something Else-The Prologue

Being a logophile is not always a good thing. I should know. I’m one. People sometimes don’t like me because of that. I’m prone to using “difficult” words, I am often told. That I expect too much of my readers,

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