Letting Go

Children are funny little things. One moment they’re young and demanding every minute of your existence and you crave for a moment of time you could have that’s truly for yourself, and the next, they’re all grown and ready to fly away, and you’re left wishing you could go back to those days when they sprawled over your every moment of existence.

Since I started writing, I discovered that books are somewhat similar too. Somewhat, that’s the keyword. While they are no real comparison to children, they too, are such integral parts of an author that when it’s time to finish a long project once and for all, you suddenly realize life will be different without it on your mind anymore, and that you’ll miss having it hover on you, demanding your attention.

Every story is different. And some stories endear more than others. Firstborns are extra special too. And so, as the last of The Lightbound Saga Series is about to head out the door on Tuesday, the 15th, I’m having a moment. I’m prepared to let go, and yet, I’m not. I want it to reach it’s happily ever after, and yet, I wish it to stay with me forever. It’s bittersweet for sure.

I’ve been trying to make sense of it all. This isn’t the first series I’ve completed. I’ve finished multiple under various pen names. However, this is the series that began it all and the longest (both in word count and time spent) project so far. Also, the age of the characters likely have something to do with it. I’ve watched the gang meander through their teenage years into young adulthood and after having spent years watching these kids grow up, the kinship is undeniable. I will miss them living in my head.

All that been said, I am proud as I could be. There were times when I didn’t think I’d be able to finish the series, but now I have. I have given these characters life and helped them complete their journey and I couldn’t be happier. My journey with Maia and the gang wasn’t always full of wins, but I treasure every moment of it. At the end of it all, the biggest and most unexpected treasure of all was the joy my middle grader found in these books. Seeing how much she cares about each of these characters, seeing her practically living in their world, is more than I had hoped for and I could never be thankful enough for it. Tansi is a world that will remain ours forever, a special place in our hearts and full of incomparable memories we share.

All right! Now that I’ve lightened my heart a little, time to share a bit about the virtual book tour I’m on with Pump Up Your Book. You can click the graphic below to be taken to the excellent lineup PUYB has set up for The Lightbound Saga. There’s a lot of fun stuff at every stop, don’t forget to check them out every week.

If you are interested in a quick peek, here are some personal favorites.

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And finally, if you want to check out The Lightbound Saga Series, here’s the link to it on Amazon.

That’s all for the moment. More soon.

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