The Lightbound Saga

Thirteen-year-old Maia has taught herself to be cautious of the Xifarians–intergalactic nomads who hold her planet, Tansi, hostage–and their devious ways. On Tansi, no child her age is safe. Each year they are herded into the Xifarian mining camps on the frozen moon of Ti, from which no one ever returns.

A terrible suspicion burdens Maia even more–that her mother’s treachery brought about this terrible fate on her people.

Maia yearns for a life away from the shadows of her family’s doubtful past. But everything changes when one misstep pulls her into a world she wishes had never existed.

Thus begins a journey that transforms Maia’s universe forever.

Also available, The Firefly League, a standalone novella from the world of The Lightbound Saga.

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