Letting Go

Children are funny little things. One moment they’re young and demanding every minute of your existence and you crave for a moment of time you could have that’s truly for yourself, and the next, they’re all grown and ready to fly away, and you’re left wishing you could go back to those days when they…

Done! Done! Done!

The final book of The Lightbound Saga (200,000+ words, 650+ pages) is now complete. And I wrote this mammoth in a little over 3 months. I am happy, proud, and most of all so thankful to have brought this series (6 novels, 800,000 words, 3000 pages in total) to a satisfying conclusion. My middle-grader, the…

Maia Returns!

Since the last time I posted, the world has become a different place. The last two years, in particular, have changed everything, my life, my everyday habits, and everything and everyone I knew. While I have been lucky enough to not be physically touched by the virus, it has affected me in unexpected and profound…


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