Dare to question the prophecy?

Prepare to be terminated

Prescient Prime Leon IXV Courtee dares to question the Sisters Superior’s prophecy at the Oracle of Ninety Nine, the first challenge in a thousand years. The next morning he disappears.

–– Noell Rivans, a young mother looking for a new life in the affluent city at center of the universe, arrives at the capital of Ajokkan with her twins Eos and Jovan.
–– Steffan Pere is set to be appointed the head of assassin school after a long climb up the rungs. The imperial directive arrives on confirmation day, forcing him to return to the field with his overzealous assistant Tors and his reluctant, war-battered cybernetic body.
–– Bryanna Tu-Fei, the dumpy, middle-aged information processor at the Cognitivus has one goal–combing the oracle archives to find the man that killed her teenage son. Now she finds something that might finally turn the tables.
–– Mako Nuyin, a hacker agent of the Empire puts together a scrum team to identify and extract object “bioreactor.” The target turns out to be something Mako had never expected.

Faced with a prediction that threatens to bring the mighty empire to its knees, the regime flexes its formidable muscles. Innocent lives are turned into pawns in a game of treachery and deceit–a sacrifice deemed necessary to keep peace across the galaxy. But will that be enough to save the Empire?

Coming October 2015