The Seeder Chapters

Earth has an expiry date. Will humanity survive until then?

c.2566. The signs are clear. The time to evacuate Earth is now.

Summons are sent. But not to everyone. Only a handful will be picked to be part of the future colonies.

– A gifted teen for a way to escape her average life. She gets an offer that is hard to refuse. Will she dare to pay the price?
– The sole survivor of the worst megatron collapse in history doesn’t know what to do–celebrate this second chance at life or become a tool of vengeance . . .
– A boy raised within a cocoon of segregation faces his biggest challenge – standing up for someone who looks nothing like him.

Thrust into an unfamiliar world held in place by a harsh set of rules, will humanity make it?

Strangers meet. Bargains are made.

Only one thing is a given–survival depends on forging the right alliances.